About Blaze

Blaze vaporizers are the latest slim, discreet, portable pen size vapes in the market. Blaze vapes use several innovative features from heating system to vapor output control. 

All designed in U.S.A, these amazing new style units have great temperature control and allows your herbs, oils, wax and e-juice to last way longer than other similar vaporizers. The cool designs of each unit give them unique look. The most important difference between Blaze Vaporizers and other brands is the content control mechanism of these vaporizers.

Each style of Blaze is designed with state of the art technology and have been tested on several vaporizer groups for user satisfaction and experience. The new Blaze vaporizer series are also very affordable and fits every budget. Blaze vape focuses on all material types such as dry herb, waxy oil, e-liquid. The Blaze Twin is an oil and e-liquid vaporizer where Blaze Life Vaporizer focuses on wax and dry herbs.All new Blaze Mini Vaporizer is designed for wax and waxy oils. 

The latest addition to Blaze family is the Blaze Heat Vaporizer which is an all-in-one vaporizer which is compatible with dry herb, oil-liquids, wax and waxy oils.

Each style of Blaze Vaporizer comes with convenient accessories such as cleaners, dabbers, wall and USB chargers. These great portable personal vaporizers are backed up by 1 year full warranty from the manufacturer.